I'm playing jazz gigs with Dave Vandervoort in upstate NY this spring. We're playing at the Hobest Weight food co-op tomorrow, Saturday April 26th. I'll be singing and playing upright bass. Dave will be on guitar. We'll be playing from 1-3 pm.

If you want to book us for events or parties, call 518-588-1511 or email me: emargan (on the gmail).


I took up the task of taking down my hosts' Christmas tree, which was in the living room. I'm not certain what kind of tree it is. It had about 20 branches total. I removed the branches individually from the base with a pair of pruning shears in order to make its removal easier.

Eventually, I cleared away the tree and boxed up the ornaments. I moved the furniture into a position that I think suits the room well and cleaned the surfaces.

The next day, Jeff called and said he forgot his passport and would need it for his travel plans. I brought it to his office and the secretary mailed it out to him.

Driving into town, I didn't see much that interested me.

I've been cooking every meal. They've got a handy egg-poacher here that I like to use. The chickens yield 2-3 eggs a day. Jeff said it is too early in the season to incubate the eggs, so I've been eating them.

I've been journaling quite a bit, jotting down dreams, intentions, affirmations, goals and personal reflection. It feels good to have a daily practice of checking in with myself and getting perspective in this way.    

I'm listening to an audio recording of Eckhart Tolle reading his book "A New Earth" and I enjoy it very much.

I noticed that only one of the two speakers was working on the stereo, so I fixed it. The right speaker had come unplugged from the amplifier; now, it is working quite well.

The hot tub works well, too! I've been having a session every other evening. I consider myself very fortunate.

Another project I've begun is constructing a landscape stairway by the drive. It requires digging, making wooden stakes, and using a pile driver. The phone I'm using is serving as a level; although, I'm not sure it's very accurate.

It took some trial and experimentation, and eventually I ended up with a sort of rectangular design. I will continue to develop it tomorrow.

Happy new year!


Day 1




Here I am in North Carolina!

I think I will make a blog to post my happenings and other stuff that interests me, and here is an introductory entry!

My hosts Kelly and Jeff left for the week and the UPS driver dropped off these items:

Today I began assembling these farm projects.  Chick incubator, worm compost farm, mole repeller.

Other tasks for the week include: organizing garage, building frames for raised beds, using hammer to break oyster shells into powder feed, and dragging the Christmas tree outside.

Watching over these little friends and keeping them fed.

If it was a bit warmer, I would definitely sleep here!  A pro treehouse complete with slack line (and zip line!)

Here is the relatively dormant garden with cloth-covered sorrel, kale, bok choi. The chicken coop is made of fallen trees from this property and the windows are from habitat for humanity.  Bordering the coop is a solar powered electric fence to keep out nocturnal preditors.

Kelly mentioned that a person with a masters in soil ecology would be useful to have around in this area of North Carolina.  The soil is very depleted from tobacco and Christmas tree farming and the whole area was forested 75-80  years ago.

 I wonder if I would find soil ecology interesting to study.  I know it is very important for any farmer to understand soil.  I wonder what income could be generated for me from jobs available in the field (no pun intended).

Also, today I found a bus on Instagram that is a mobile home and art studio and I felt inspired: search for #schoolofeverything and be amazed.

Feeling inspired to be intentional and adventurous regarding design aesthetic and creative functionality.  I know I have an eye for art and design and I think it would be enjoyable to work on a project like that.

Anyway, going to read "The Humanure Handbook" and perhaps drink some tea.